Dabas Gāzes Noplūdes Detektors, Alarm, Tuya WiFi Smart Home Metāna/Propāns Trauksmes Detektori, kas ar Skaņas Balss usb barošanas
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Dabas Gāzes Noplūdes Detektors, Alarm, WiFi Smart Home Metāna/Propāns Trauksmes Detektori, kas ar Skaņas, Gaismas Balss usb barošanas


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  • Darba strāva: Mazāk nekā 150mA
  • Modeļa Numurs: FD210
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: FD
  • Instalācijas Veids: Pie sienas piestiprināms
  • Reakcijas Laiks: mazāk par 30S
  • Ieejas spriegums: DC5V(micro USB Standarta interfeiss

Tagi: smogs detektoru wifi, trauksmes kerui, slēdzis tuya, signalizāciju, drošības, 240v signalizācija, neo z vilnis, metāla detektors, durvju tuya smart, zigbee, vilnis z.

Tsarkova Natasha
Very good product
I have not received nor the product nor communications by the seller. The don't recommend.
Dasha Kamarskaya
There is a housing for an internal battery but not connected. Too bad because the device must be connected permanently and with such a short USB cable, you must have a power socket near the ceiling. Moreover, the temperature probe seems very poorly calibrated... The device indicates 27 ° while there is only 20 ° in the room! For the sound alarm, it would have been interesting to have a message in the language of the country of delivery.
Despite the seller I have confirmed that the light will turn off when the device does not detect gas, the remains light always on. I couldn't test the functionality of the product but didn't want to buy a product that is to be a light constant.
The product temperature values are not correct and the seller did not solve my problem in any way. The gas measurement seems fine, but the temperature on the screen is completely wrong. This product may be misleading if you want to see at ambient temperature when ordering. There is 4 degrees difference between the actual temperature value.
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