Viena Pārdošanai Celtniecības Bloki Liela Rīcības Sērijas Modelis Karalis Ghidrah Tyrannosaurus Rex Izglītību Bērniem, Bērniem Dāvanu Rotaļlietas GXL050
€6.30 €6.05
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  • Sertifikācija: CE
  • Modeļa Numurs: L032 KF911 KF912 KF916 KF917 KF809 KF810 KF801 KF802 KF808 77037
  • Svītrkods: No
  • Plastmasas Tips: ABS
  • Materiāls: Plastmasas
  • Vecums: > 3 gadiem
  • Bloka Izmērs: Mikrouzņēmumu veidošanas bloku、Lielo bloku(>1cm)
  • Modelis: L031 L035 GXL050
  • Veids: Bloki
  • CE: Sertifikāts
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Brīdinājums: nevar ēst
  • Plastmasas Bloku Forma: Neregulāras Formas
  • Sertifikāta Numurs: BSTDG1705784800001RC-4
  • Dzimums: Unisex

Tagi: karalis karaliene, lego micro, XINGBAO, karalis pop grupu, tyrannosaurus rex, rex, pickett, lego jurassic pasaules indominus rex lego kaste, bakugan dragonoid, rex dinozaura.

Sinchai Tha
Awesome, huge but obviously cheap for a reason. Perfect for older kids and kids that don't break everything they touch but younger and more reckless children will break this before they can piece it together. It doesn't come with instructions but it is fairly easy to assemble. The glue that holds the connection pin in the leg broke off when I tried to remove the leg again. The tail connection that allows it to rotate halfway down the length of the tail doesn't hold the end section very well. They only have one wing mold which meant that on one of the wings the injection mould marks are always visible. The moulding quality is on the lower side. On the plus side the length is mentioned at 26cm but I measured it over 30cm. All in all I feel that it's a good price despite the obviously lower quality and I would recommend getting this as long as you are aware that the build quality is a bit lower than some other block brands.
Statice Quo
Fast shipping in 10 days to Poland. Super. Baby self złożyło. All-match. Recommend
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